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How to “Bake” New Leads Fast and Cheap?

A lead is a potential client who has shown interest in the company’s products or services, as a result of which he leaves his contact details, expressing consent to further communication.

The value of lead generation lies in the ability to retain and personalize an appeal to a potential client. And most importantly – you do this with his consent. In this article, we offer you several ways to attract the attention of potential customers and get more leads that are tested in practice, are not overly complicated to implement and will not empty the marketing budget.

Create rich content

Each of your customers is a unique person. And each of them has its desires and needs. Consumption of content here is no exception, and this is an important argument in favor of creating it in several formats at once. This will maximize the reach different segments of the audience and on different devices.

Test forms

Forms do not have to be complicated, because it’s not you who do the service to the visitor, offering him to register, but he to you. Moreover, the form should be simple enough to be filled in by a person who has 10 seconds of free time, and he does this while driving a car or in a queue somewhere in a bank.

Limit your selection

Limit the number of options that a person must familiarize themselves with on your site to make a choice. If there is a need to choose from a large number of options, the likelihood that the user will get bored and leave will increase.

Learn the interests of your target audience.

To sell a particular product or service, you must first find those who need it. The better you study your target audience, their problems, and needs, the more leads you can generate. On all channels – from organic traffic and context to crowd marketing. To get a good idea of ​​your audience, you can use the following methods:

studying the sites of competitors and leads in the niche,

analysis of discussions on forums and in communities in social networks,

a detailed study of web analytics on your project,

using specialized competitive analysis tools such as,,, etc.


People want to feel special, and a personalized approach to lead generation will allow them to give this feeling. But at the same time and do it for the benefit of yourself. In addition to high-tech tools such as Yagla, you can use simpler methods, for example, creating different landing pages for different types of audiences or traffic sources, clustering a catalog of goods and others like that.

What is most interesting – most of the items listed can simply be taken and done right now. And it will be not only cheap but also free. In extreme cases, you should spend a free evening. The same pop-up form with a subscription can be installed and configured in half an hour. So do not put off until later.