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Avast Sandbox – main Functions

Hence, that the majority of cybersecurity software developers have already figured out how to make appropriate antiviruses, all that is left to gain traction and draw users’ attention is to take advantage of the additional feature. Avast is famous for creating a whole ecosystem around its antivirus application, It includes various useful features that may be beneficial for some of the users. Avast Sandbox is one of these functions so it is essential to find out about its main benefits and versatility. The article will explain all the nuances about its work and provide the detailed information on how to install it.

How does Avast Sandbox work?

Avast Sandbox is an extension for the ordinary version of Avast Antivirus. The main idea behind this feature is to give the users an opportunity of opening suspicious files and programs in a safe mode. It was introduced quite some time ago, and turned out to be a great tool for all the users, regardless of the type of work they usually do.

Main functions of Avast Sandbox:

  • It creates a virtual space where users can open all of the files without a risk of infecting a system with a virus. It basically emulates the operating system of his or her computer and launches files without giving them any access to the actual PC.
  • The virtual environment is completely isolated from the components of the system; however, the Antivirus still can detect any threat that appears in it. It can be called a completely risk-free scanning.
  • You can take advantage of this feature to open the files that are definitely harmful or carry some viruses if you need. The way the application opens them eliminates any risk. There is just no alternatives sometimes.

How to get Avast Sandbox feature?

Avast Sandbox additional feature was available in the basic free version of Avast Antivirus for some time, but the situation has changed recently.

Steps to get Avast Sandbox:

  • This feature is only available in Internet Security and Premier versions of Avast Antivirus so you need to upgrade your license in order to get it.
  • It can be done through the menu of the application itself or via the Avast official website. However, be ready to pay significantly more for these advanced licenses. You want to consider all the alternatives as options and study the market beforehand.
  • After purchasing the right license of Avast Antivirus you need to turn the desired feature in the options. You want to open the security tab and find Avast Sandbox there. Restart the application to confirm the changes.


Avast Sandbox is a useful tool that emulates a virtual environment for launching potentially dangerous files and programs. You can eliminate any risk of infecting your computer with a virus by using it. However, you need to upgrade to Premier license to get it.