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Amazon Digital Services: Make Your Shopping Easy

Amazon is a world of interesting purchases, favorable discounts, and pleasant prices. But in this variety, it is very easy to get entangled in all of this. Therefore, a real shopper must arm himself. And for this, we will give you services and tips for easy shopping.

Amazon Shopping App

If you like to make profitable purchases using modern technology, then hurry up to download Amazon Shopping. This program was developed by a company that every advanced Web user has heard of. True, to access the application and tempting goodies, you have to go through registration. This is easy to do: the main thing is to follow the instructions and provide the correct personal information.

Benefits of Amazon Shopping for Android and iOS:

  • the ability to compare the characteristics of goods and prices;
  • allows you to track purchases, track delivery;
  • stay tuned for hot deals, cool promotions.

You can download Amazon Shopping if there’s enough free space on your device. If the memory capacity is insufficient, it will be suggested to delete unnecessary files and documents.

4 tips for shoppers

Tip 1. Get ready for sales!

Amazon purchases start with an account. Creating a standard office is simple: To do this, hover over the Account and Lists button in the upper right corner of the site. And click on the Start Here link in the window that appears.

Premium account (Prime) is convenient for buyers in the United States and some other countries where Amazon is present. It allows you to arrange fast delivery (from several hours to two days) for free. And also use discounts.

It is advisable to spend $ 99 a year on this subscription only if you are a fan of audio and video content of the Internet giant and want to use unlimited access to this resource for a whole year.

Tip 2. Check prices

You can check how the price of the product has changed in recent months on the CamelCamelCamel website. To do this, just enter the product URL. Price statistics will show if the seller has lowered the price or is trying to simply sell the product.

Tip 3. Look for discounts

Now that you know how to distinguish real discounts, it’s time to figure out where to look for the lowest prices. Amazon has several specialized sections for discounted products:

Today’s deals – offers of the day

You never know what will fall into this section. But this is not a reason to refuse to visit him. Discounts on it sometimes reach 90%. And the range of goods varies from electronic magazines to garden tools.

Tip 4. Let the discounts look for you

If you do not have time to hunt for discounts – leave this work to specialists.

  • Wishlist. Mark the products you like – in a few days, the likes will turn into personal discounts.
  • Online Price Alert – price tracking service. Add your e-mail address, the URL of the desired product and the price you are willing to pay for the product. If the seller will hold promotions and reduce the cost, OnlinePriceAlert will notify you in time.